Daily life is supposed to be full of challenges. The first one, getting one foot out of bed. Doing it, really, is brave. And it is a merit that we should all recognize ourselves every day.

But just as moving forward with the earrings, finishing work, studying and many other responsibilities, with the same effort and energy, you have to dedicate exactly the same time to rest.

In view of so many chores, having a blank mind, free from so much thinking, is a luxury. But it shouldn't be. We should all have the capacity and the power to organize our time in such a way that we can dedicate the necessary hours to rest our body and mind. Because this is essential.

Health is very strongly linked to rest, in fact, many of the processes necessary for the development and well-being of the human body take place while sleeping, such as muscle recovery, for example.

In addition, it has been repeatedly proven that sleeping well and getting the necessary hours according to age improves mood, promotes proper psychological functioning and reduces stress.

An essential space in time, to rest

Just like the rest of living beings, human beings need energy to be able to achieve the objectives that we set for ourselves each day. If we do not possess such energies, it will not be possible for us to carry out the activities that are intended. This is why it is highly recommended, it is a responsibility, to take a break every short period of time.

For adults, it is recommended that we sleep 7 to 8 hours each night; however, for the same activities that a day demands, it is sometimes impossible to reach those numbers. An alternative may be to take small naps of 10 to 30 minutes, to compensate for the time that you cannot sleep at night.

However, even when you have rested for the full 8 hours, due to the level of demand of the daily tasks, it may happen that the body and mind require a little more rest. Exposing yourself to too much effort is the cause of many severe health problems.

The mind hand in hand with the body

It is essential to keep in mind what are the limits of the mind as well as those of the body. Because it is not the same to train them to improve than to demand more than is due just because there is a will.

To take care of the body, there are millions of tips, all based on the care of food and physical exercise. But little is said about the care of the mind: a moment of meditation every night would be perfect to relax it before going to sleep.

At Quantum Living, we are firm believers that rest is essential to keeping your mind and body healthy. Let us keep you company on your day to day journey to healthy living.

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