A Chinese philosophy of more than 3,500 years old, whose precepts are used to
find the perfect balance between people's energies, through the distribution of places and rooms where you usually carry out your daily tasks. This is Feng Shui, one of the most widely used techniques in the incredible world of decoration, not only because of the good vibes that, like dew, it drops in every home, but also because of the method itself.

A positive energy magnet

This philosophy is a tool of great power to generate and accumulate positive
energy, the same that, therefore, greatly favors health, the ties between family
members, the attraction of good situations such as money, a better job, prosperity, inspiration and general well-being at home.

For this powerful reason, Feng Shui is used in a very common and habitual way,
for the decoration of homes, since it determines and delimits the location of the
house, the colors, the shapes, the textures, the materials, the symbols and all the details of each element of the infrastructure and the decoration elements.
In addition, it promotes optimization in the integration of the five essential
elements: water, earth, metal, fire and wood.

Applying Feng Shui in every space in the home

Well, there are various ways to attract positive energy, it is true. But according to
Feng Shui, these forms must be established according to the type of room, all
starting from the premise of order and cleanliness: keeping everything neat and
well organized is the first step to allow good energy to flow assertively. But how to apply it in each area of ​​the house?

  • At the entrance: The hall should always be illuminated, if it is with natural light, the better.
  • The living room: This space should also have natural light, natural plants, always.
  • The area must be kept ventilate: If the sofas are shaped, they should be leaning against the wall. Each corner must be rounded.
  • The kitchen: an area that must always remain well organized and orderly and must be located as far as possible from the entrance door.
  • The zones must be delimited: the stove, far enough from the sink.
  • The bathrooms: the bathroom's doors must be located parallel to the doors of the kitchen and the main door. It is suggested that elements such as wood be used and always try to keep the doors closed from the entrance, the drains and the toilet.
  • The bedrooms: Feng Shui recommends that the head of the bed be away from the door. The predominant colors should be light. No televisions or mirrors in front of the bed.
  • Gardens and patios: These must be protected with fences or trees and preferably have ponds or pools with fish. Plants are fundamental: bamboo, jasmine, pine and orchids are inevitable.

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