The best times of the year are coming and, with them, the illusion of keeping our home fully decorated, decked out by Christmas lights, New Year's sparkles, but, mainly, by the love of each one of our families, our loved ones.

Tall pine trees topped with sparkling stars, snowflakes, garlands, and so on. Christmas carols. A delicious dinner. The warmth of home.

The space is conducive to a wonderful moment, each room retains its essence but dresses up.

And, as it is not for less, the dining area must also have part of the leadership of the home. For this reason, in today's article, we present you the step by step to decorate your Christmas table in the best way. Are you ready?

Define the style

First, you need to be able to establish what type of table you want: a classic and traditional table? A sophisticated and minimalist one? Or a rustic with Nordic nuances? Starting from this first premise, it’s that you can define the rest of the details to dress your table.

Choose the tablecloth and napkins

Now, according to the chosen style, you must choose what type of tablecloth and napkins you will present. A super important advice is to use colors (regardless of style) that are harmonious or that combine with the main decoration of your house. Place the tablecloth, and place a narrower one on top (like a table runner) to give it a greater degree of sophistication. There are countless ways to place the napkins, just make sure to place them on the plates using a clasp that matches the decoration.

Tableware is essential

White or detailed porcelain tableware is essential at every Christmas table. There are some that have details of the season and others that are timeless and simply go with everything. First, place the main course, then the main course and finally the entree. The one with the bread will go in a smaller one placed on the left.

Cutlery, which side? Forks to the left, one next to the plate for meat, the furthest away is reserved for fish or starters. The spoon, on the right, at the far end, and next to the meat knife and the fish spade.

Decide for the best glassware

Glass glasses, goblets and jars, in any case!, will be your best option. This material gives any table that perfect touch of elegance and glamour. In addition to the fact that it’s beautiful because it transmits neatness and does not stain. Place, from left to right: the water glass, the red wine glass (larger), and, finally, the white wine glass (smaller). The glasses of champagne or cava will go behind and are more elongated and narrow. You will see how, little by little, the table becomes even more beautiful.

The magic of the centerpiece

And the final touch, the protagonist, is the centerpiece. Natural flowers or herringbones, depending on the style choice you have made. Play with heights and foliage, but, be careful, try not to overload it too much: even when you have chosen a design that has nothing to do with minimalism, you must remember that "less is more" and that true elegance lies in sobriety.

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