We know that you care about your home, your family and about being able to provide them with a very well organized and always clean space.

Therefore, to maintain health in the family, it is important that the kitchen is in optimal health conditions. Considering that it is the place where food is prepared, it is essential that the environment is totally sanitized and to keep it totally neat it will be very helpful if the kitchen is tidy.

Today we will give you some recommendations that will help you keep your kitchen organized and tidy. Keep reading!

  1. Taking care of the expiration date

The first step is always to take into account the expiration date of everything you have in the pantry, in this way you can organize them in order to use more frequently those that are closest to expiring and do not take up more space.

  1. A good organizer cabinet

The high cabinets should be occupied by elements that you do not use on a daily basis, otherwise those that you need on a daily basis such as plates, cutlery or cups.

  1. Sort by categories

Your pantry should be organized by categories, in this way you will have a map of how to find what you need more easily, for example, rice can go in a lower compartment along with sugar and similar elements, while condiments can be attached in a different space.

Order the beans, legumes or pasta in transparent glass jars, so that it will be super easy to identify them with a single glance, if in case you do not find transparent ones you can use labels to help.

  1. Put labels on the jars

Keeping food in the fridge and also with labels will help you organize the week's meals, so that you can access them easily and without cluttering your kitchen.

  1. Establish a utensil for each type of food

Cross-contamination is the main factor to avoid in the kitchen, that is, use different utensils according to the type of food you are preparing, for example, a blender only for juices, while in another you can mix condiments, or a table for chopping meat and another just to chop vegetables and fruits, in this way you can even avoid diseases and maintain maximum hygiene in your kitchen.

Take these tips into account and you will see how your kitchen looks tidy, elegant and above all very clean.

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