Surely many times you have wondered how in the big cafeterias they manage to make the milk super foamy. And there is a process behind that we will reveal to you today. Although it seems super difficult, we will have some simple steps to obtain it.

Step 1: Choose the milk

You must bear in mind that for the milk to be foamy, we will need to use fresh milk because it has more fat and it will be able to be whipped better.

Step 2: Fill the jug

At this point we will fill the jug calculating until the beginning of the jug spout, this strategically so that when the whipping process begins, it does not spread.

Step 3: Place the spear

We will place it one centimeter from the wall of the jar and one centimeter from the tip of the spear

Step 4: Open the steam can to the fullest

And at this moment the spear begins to beat the milk, eliminating bubbles.

Step 5: We close the steam can

When the milk begins to increase in volume and we see that the temperature has already risen enough, we close the steam can to prevent the milk from coming out of the jug. We finally proceed to tap the jug gently on the table, to eliminate the remaining bubbles.

With these steps, the cream is ready to be added to the coffee and enjoyed. But if you wonder, where can I get those machines to froth milk?

Simple, here at Quantum living we have professional machines, which we are sure that, by following the steps that we have mentioned, you will be able to obtain a delicious milk cream to apply on your coffee drinks.

If you are a coffee lover, visit our page and choose the best tools for making coffee.

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