On the subject of alcoholic beverages there have always been some taboos, beliefs, some true, some not. And if we talk about theories about them, we cannot stop talking about wine consumption. Some consider that it is not at all healthy to consume it and others believe the opposite, the truth is that there are many studies that prove that the measured consumption of wine can be beneficial for people's health. Stay and we'll tell you more about it.

Healthy or not?

The answer is yes, as we mentioned previously, consuming it in moderation can bring some benefits to your health. And then, how does it help us?

  • Brain health

A study carried out by Maiken Nedergaard of the University of Rochester has shown that wine intake improves the state of our brain, giving it the ability to eliminate waste such as beta amyloid and tau protein, closely related to Alzheimer's. In addition, the consumption of wine gives pleasure at the moment of being drunk, so endorphins are released in two parts of our brain, and this substance helps to relieve pain and provide well-being.

  • Good against obesity

Moderate consumption of red wine activates the function of a gene which prevents the formation of fat cells and helps with the movement of existing ones.

  • Good for the heart    

And finally, having a glass of wine a day contributes positively to increasing good cholesterol in the blood, thus avoiding heart problems.

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