Coffee is always capable of giving us that necessary boost in the morning, but this does not mean that its consumption is limited to it. And it is that coffee in its various presentations and origins, is the "language" spoken in the world, there is no place where you cannot have a good cup of coffee, and it is that, over the years, its popularity has increased , which makes it now an essential in many homes.

However, there are some terms that can be a bit confusing for those who are not too passionate about coffee and just want to drink it without too many complications. Today we will tell you the difference between a latte and a flat white, drinks that at first glance may seem the same, but they are not.

They are both different but exquisite

For some people, the flat white is "the little brother" of the latte, due to its smaller presentation, however, the difference goes beyond the obvious, in the flat white, the milk is more velvety and with much less foam, which results in a perfect balance between milk and coffee. While when consuming a latte, the perception of the amount of milk that is ingested is high, which is not the case with the flat white, in which the coffee is felt more than the milk.

Another difference is that the latte is usually presented in a glass while the flat white is served in a ceramic cup.

The latte can include a shot of espresso while the flat white always has two. The ingredients of both are quite similar, but the preparation procedure and measurements of each ingredient are not the same.

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