The weekends arrive and do you usually enjoy tasting a good cut with the family? You better have a good space to implement a barbecue area in your home. Therefore, today we will help you choose the main character of this environment: the grill! The same one that will have to adapt to the space you have and according to your personal style.

  1. How much space do we have?

The first and most important step is to define how much space we have available, since on many occasions it may not be within the initial design of your house; That is why it will have to be adapted to its current distribution or, depending on your budget, make structural modifications.

  1. Navigating between grill options

Once the space is defined, if we have a large patio or garden, we will be able to choose from more grill options, unlike if you have a small space such as a small balcony or patio; For the first case, our choice would be based on 2 candidates: a grill built into the wall that works with charcoal or gas, in which you can even add a chimney in order to disperse the fumes; or if not, you can choose a cylindrical grill that will take up more space but could have better culinary results such as smoked meats, among others.

In the second case, if you have less space, we also have a couple of options for you: A mobile grill or a conventional barbecue and an electric grill, here it will depend, as in a larger place, on your culinary tastes and the results you want to obtain, obviously a charcoal grill for many people could have a superior taste, but if you do not have enough space this could cause the fumes to permeate your home, so an electric grill could be your best option if it's that you don't want to go through the extra work of de-impregnating odors in your home.

In the same way, there is a diverse amount of not only accessories on the market, but also grills that could be complemented according to their use, for example, if you will grill once a month or between longer periods of time, and it’s difficult for you to light charcoal, for example, ideally you should opt for a gas or even electric grill because of the speed with which you can prepare your food, quite the opposite if you already consider yourself to have medium (or high) experience and your strength is grilling on Sundays for the whole family or on a Friday to watch football with your friends, you will know how to get the most out of your grill and you could acquire one with greater features such as a smoker, temperature gauge, among other details that will make the final result a little more exquisite to surprise your guests.

This is how today we have helped you select, according to the main criteria of the space and considering the frequency and type of use you give it, the ideal grill for your summer evenings with friends or family.

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