Thanksgiving Day is approaching, this last Thursday of November, in which you can celebrate with family and close friends the joy of being together for another year. On that day, like every year, there is a great opportunity to show all your creativity and make your environments more welcoming and stylish with your decorations.

Today we will detail five great ideas with which you can decorate the table for your Thanksgiving dinner. Let us begin!

  1. Starting with the protagonist: the turkey!

The dinner is definitely not complete if the turkey is not in the center of the table, so accompanying it with flowers, dry leaves and reddish details or cherries can add the touch of warmth that is expected for this date and receive our guests and spend a unforgettable night.

  1. Pumpkins never fail

A unique touch for your centerpiece is a pumpkin, use them in various sizes as a table runner and you will achieve a mix of creativity and autumn - winter season.

  1. The ritual of gratitude

A jar with thanks, in which each guest can write a list for what they are grateful for in the year and can deposit it in the jar that will be in your centerpiece, a great idea to remember the good times as a group.

  1. Decorative fruits

Bottled apples, pears or nuts are ideal to place as decoration, this gives your table a style of abundance and the colors combine perfectly with the appointment.

  1. The touch of glamor of dry leaves

Dry leaves, as we well know in autumn, a season in which trees usually lose their leaves and we see them decorating streets and avenues, in this case you could use them as a tablecloth-type base and make a unique and original combination for your thanksgiving dinner.

  1. Don't forget the candles!

The candles always give the appearance of warmth and heat necessary for these times, ideally colors that you can combine are: purple, orange, cherry or cream. Use them in various ways with which you will achieve a bright and welcoming space.

  1. The sweets could not be missing

A large plate, full of sweets such as chocolates or candies can be an ideal element to liven up a conversion before or after dinner, taking it as a small dessert.

  1. Flowers are essential, always!

A vase with orange or yellow flowers ideally complements the table, taking into account the foods that are usually consumed on this special date, it makes a combination that visually blends perfectly.

  1. Other elements that you cannot miss

The transparent jars, whether recycled or new, give it the vintage and elegant style that a table needs, but it should contain either fruits or chopped vegetables, so that it can be attractive to your family or friends dinner guests. .

Ties in pastel colors are currently in trend, it is important that you choose colors that complement your table in a sober and elegant way, for this we recommend gold or silver, cream and light green.

While it is true that tableware are utensils that are used very often, for these dates it is always good to have some special ones, they can be bordered in silver or gold, with which you will have a sophisticated and elegant style to impress your guests.

And you, are you ready to thank? Get ready!

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