When art accompanies our meals, our gatherings with family or friends, decorating becomes a beautiful "necessity".

Table decoration brings news and trends for this 2023, let's discover below how we can take the decoration of our tables to another level following simple deco ideas that will absolutely impress your guests

Bright colors

Capturing the joy of summer through bright colors such as yellow on your plates and glasses will give a special touch to your table, especially if you are planning a meal outside, in the open air, in the garden, or why not, on the terrace. Of course, the colors of the tableware that you are going to use should match the style of the meeting, the tablecloths, etc.

Table and chairs

Starting from the material that was used to make the table and chairs, we can have a better vision of how to decorate them, since they are part of the decoration in themselves.

The material greatly influences the decoration, for example, a rectangular solid wood table does not produce the same effect as a glass and wrought iron table or a colored resin table, it simply gives a different atmosphere.


Whether bought or assembled by hand, centerpieces will never go out of style, since they create the atmosphere that we want at our table, according to the seasons of the year or some festivity with materials such as candles, pineapples, flowers, etc. 

Do you like the shabby chic style? faded pastel colors are the perfect option for you, in conjunction with candles, feathers and vintage decoration, while if yours goes for decoration linked to wood, related colors, sunflowers, plaid fabrics go very well. If you have a modern house, resin vases are for you, it gives a fresh and elegant touch to your decoration.

Now that you know these tips, you are ready to impress your guests in your next meetings, we are sure that it will be so.

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