Connoisseurs from every part of the world have different preferences: some love to use the Moka Pot but others could not live without the French Press.

And it is always in question and in discussion which device provides the best coffee infusion.

In today's article, we will give you a vision of the characteristics of each one so that you can draw your own conclusions and form a judgment of each artifact.

The Moka Pot

Moka pots generate coffee by exerting pressure, more or less, as it is done to prepare an espresso. Even so, these devices extract by exerting much less pressure than espresso machines; for this reason, both machines are comparable but not identical.

The differential advantage of moka pots is the level of concentration of the coffee they press. Level that is even higher than that of the French press.

The moka pots also offer the possibility of cooking a sweet cream.

In your preparation procedure a certain amount of time must be invested for the water to heat up. Then, the extraction is agile.

The French Press

This device is based on the toasted flavors of the grain and the oils in order to generate a good infusion. This advantage allows the flavors and aromas to be concentrated much better than in the mocha pot. However, soaking tends to leave a greasy mouthfeel that doesn't always add to the better flavor. Although in matters of flavor it is personal taste that determines what is better and what is not. In the case of the French press, the coffee is ground at the moment and in the freshest way possible.

And you, which device do you prefer? At Quantum Living we have both products, with guaranteed quality, from the A1 range and the best functionality.

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