If your child is already of drinking age from a bottle or is already going to school and needs one, you have come to the right article.

Today, we will give you a scope of what type of bottle is the most suitable for your little one.

There are different types of bottles, differentiated by material, size, design, etc., but in today's delivery, we will tell you what options you can handle, so that they adapt much better to your child's requirements.

Bottles with aza and pacifier

Once the little one leaves the bottle and starts with his glass or bottle, it is essential to give him one that is suitable for the size of his mouth. Here, it is advisable to see the cups that have spouts that have small holes, ideal to avoid spills. These cups, at the same time, have handles, which greatly facilitates the manipulation of the little one.

The ideal glass

After this first step, it is convenient for our little ones to learn to drink from a glass, because it will provide them with greater autonomy when drinking. In addition, it is a glass, precisely, what they have to ask us for in the nursery.

Bottles with straw

An also pleasant and functional option are the bottles with straws, which have a hole in the precise place for the straw to enter and, thus, prevent the liquid from spilling. These bottles, with a straw, make it easier for the child to begin to absorb by pressing the lips.

Bottles that can be reused are the best option

An alternative that is functional and also ecological is to use reusable bottles. Taking into account the amount of plastic that is generated on the planet and that is already causing major environmental problems, it is better not to contribute by consuming plastic bottles every day.

If you are looking for the best bottle for your little one, Quantum Living is the ideal option. We have an extensive range of children's products that will surely suit you.

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