Utilé 2 in 1 Bubble Ice Maker


Utilé 2 in 1 Bubble Ice Maker - a revolutionary innovation that combines the functionality of an ice cube tray and a convenient water bottle. With this versatile product, you can freeze your drinks and carry them with you for a refreshing and cool drinking experience.

Cleaning our 2 in 1 ice cube mold is a breeze. The tray can be easily disassembled for thorough cleaning, and it is dishwasher safe, making maintenance a hassle-free task. With its high temperature resistance of up to 100 degrees, you can trust that this ice tray will withstand the rigors of cleaning and daily use.

Say goodbye to touching ice cubes with your hands. Our ice tray eliminates the need for direct contact, providing a more hygienic serving experience. Additionally, it doesn't absorb any unpleasant odors from the freezer or fridge, ensuring that your drinks taste fresh and pure every time.

To achieve perfect ice balls, it's important to follow a simple three-step process. After removing the ice ball maker bottle from the refrigerator, allow it to sit at room temperature for 5 minutes. Next, press the bottle body to break the ice and open the lid. Finally, pull the handles to release the ice balls. These crucial steps guarantee successful ice ball formation, delivering an impressive presentation and enhanced drinking experience.

Upgrade your ice game with the Utilé 2 in 1 Bubble Ice Maker. Experience the convenience of a portable water bottle and the joy of perfectly shaped ice balls. Embrace innovation and elevate your beverage enjoyment with this multi-functional product.

Color: White