Few things are better than a good barbecue, well done with friends or family, and that is something that Quantum Living knows well, so today, through this article, we present you the 3 best cuts of meat to grill to share with the ones you love the most , making use of course of our state-of-the-art grill utensils

Rib-eye steak

A tender and fine cut of meat, that is how we would define it. Perfect to be cooked at medium-high temperature, a temperature that we can monitor without problems with our Wireless BBQ Thermometer Probe, which allows us to know the temperature of our grill on our cellphone via Bluetooth.

Tenderloin Steaks

It is the most expensive and tender cut of all, also known as filet mignon, it is marketed and eaten boneless, it contains great flavor so it does not require much seasoning. Do you need to flip the meat? With our quantum living BBQ Griddle Kit, this task is a “piece of cake”.

T-Bone Steaks

The thickness of this filet should not exceed three centimeters. The T-bone is a cut that brings together two succulent pieces of meat: the sirloin and the entrecote.

Do we sink the meat to know if it is already cooked? With our Utile 21 Pc BBQ Set we will find the perfect utensils to handle the meats of your choice.

The best meats most of the time do not need much seasoning, what they do require is a lot of attention in cooking and this will depend on how you like to eat the meat (degree of cooking).

And with the utensils that quantum living offers you for your grill, everything will surely be much easier for you.

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